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The AGI Group

AGI World-Class Products & Services

Transform Businesses & Organizations

AGI has a solid track record of working with Large Conglomerates, Industry Market Leaders and Governments

in adopting World-Class Technologies that profoundly transform the communities they serve.

Our Businesses

The AGI Group

Renewable Energy

AGI is involved in the development of Renewable Energy Projects.

Architecture & Construction

AGI provides specialized products and services that drive Truly Modern & Future-Ready Facilities.

Advanced Lighting & Optics

AGI is a leader in advanced lighting applications for Medical, Entertainment, Cinema & Aviation.

Medical Solutions

AGI continuously innovates as it provides critical medical products, supplies and equipment to the Healthcare Industry.

IT Infrastructure and IoT

AGI provides Highly Efficient Data Center Systems, Blazing Fast Fiber-Optic Solutions, Structured Cabling and Telecom Engineering Services.

Digital AV Solutions

AGI is at the forefront of advanced Content Management Systems, Advanced Kiosks, and Interactive Multimedia deployments.

Working with AGI

Why Choose Us ?

World-Class Technologies coupled with World-Class Services is at the heart of every AGI engagement. AGI is a B2B group with a full range of interdisciplinary specialists that are dedicated to your project success.

AGI has a long track record of working the Large Conglomerates, Industry Market Leaders and Governments in providing transformative solutions.